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Natural Support For Lyme Disease

What is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease is an infection caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, a member of the “spirochete” bacteria family. It is most commonly transmitted by tick bites.

The CDC estimates over 300,000 cases of Lyme are diagnosed in the United States annually, with 95% occurring in the Northeastern United States.

Pennsylvania is especially vulnerable, as the tick most associated with the disease (the deer tick) is now present in all our counties.

To complicate matters, tick bites often go unnoticed (because they’re so small) and Lyme’s symptoms can mimic that of the flu—so the infection often goes undiagnosed and untreated for months or even years


How is it treated?

The standard treatment is 1-4 weeks oral antibiotics, and in more complex cases some doctors prescribe long-term antibiotic therapy.


Though antibiotics can be effective when the disease is first contracted, new studies suggest they may not eradicate all the bacteria, and long-term use can cause an array of side effects.


Can Lyme Disease Become Chronic?


This question is hotly debated in modern medicine. 

The controversy stems from patients who still experience debilitating and baffling symptoms for months, or even years after antibiotic treatment.


A growing body of studies (such as those reported by the National Institutes of Health here, here, and here) suggest Lyme disease bacteria and proteins can be left behind post-antibiotics. 

This study published by Yale University reports these left-over proteins can cause an inflammatory immune reaction leading to chronic conditions.


Research is finally beginning to reveal what many healthcare professionals and patients have already suspected, that Lyme disease can become chronic.


Lyme pathology based on homeopathic principles

Lyme disease is, by nature, an immunosuppressive, multi-dimensional, and ever-evolving disease.


It can introduce a variety of bacteria, co-infections, and the Babesia microti parasite into your system, which can cause long-term health issues if not addressed.


This is what happens once you become infected...


These clever spirochetes stun your immune system and create a protective wall around themselves called a “biofilm”.


These processes prevent your body from producing antibodies, so the bacteria can wreak havoc on your organs and systems unchecked.


This also makes Lyme bacteria tricky to detect and eliminate through many drug or stand-alone herbal therapies.

To outsmart this virulent pathogen, Krisztina takes a multi-faceted approach to elicit your body’s natural immune response so it can take care of the infection (and co-infections) itself


A Holistic Multi-facted Approach


As a holistic practitioner Krisztina do not cure or treat Lyme disease, she simply provides the body with the right tools to heal itself.

Step 1: Foundational Support


Before sending your body into battle, we fortify and strengthen your defenses with specific nutritional and herbal supplementation, gentle detoxification strategies, dietary adjustments, and lifestyle changes.


Once your organs of elimination, digestion, and nutritional foundation are strong we move into the homeopathic detoxification phase.


Step 2: Homeopathic Detoxification with Series Remedies


To reawaken your immunity, we turn to a series of homeopathics that alert your body to the presence of the infection so it can detoxify the pathogens.


During this phase we will also support your body in addressing any common co-infections that may surface.


Unlike drug or stand-alone herbal therapies, the Lyme bacteria don’t perceive highly diluted homeopathics as a threat…until it’s too late


These homeopathic series remedies, along with customized nutritional and herbal support, prevent the bacteria from adapting and evolving so your body can finally find its way back to health.


Step 3: Healthy Maintenance


Once you’ve completed the series remedies, we will craft a health, lifestyle, and nutrition plan to keep your immunity and foundational health strong to minimize the chance of future infection.


How to get Started

Krisztina welcomes local and virtual clients (via phone or Skype) to her practice.

To learn more about Krisztina’s natural support for Lyme disease, call: 610-420-4511 or complete our contact form to schedule your FREE 15 minute consultation.

Disclaimer: Krisztina Powell is a certified nutrition coach and holistic health practitioner specializing in nutritional balancing. She is NOT a medical doctor and therefore is not licensed and cannot diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.

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