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" My wife had a tick bite, had the typical bull's eye rash and the standard antibiotic treatment for Lyme Disease. The standard treatment works well for the majority of people with Lyme disease. In my wife's case, she seemed to be o.k. for the first few weeks, but then went downhill very quickly. She stayed in bed 18 hours a day. She stopped cooking, and she stopped driving. Since these are signs of depression, we went to a Doctor for treatment of depression. The Dr. tried over the next few months a variety of his “fixes”, but nothing improved for my wife. 

Friends who knew of my wife's plight sent us an article about a Lyme Literate hospital. They had a different approach. It was Spaulding hospital in Massachusetts. I called them for help and they did not take out of state patients. They sent me some links and I called a Dr. on their list in a nearby town. He was taking new patients 12 months from the date I called. It would cost $2000 to walk into his office.

A friend of my daughter's sent us Krisztina's name. I called her, thinking she was local. It turns out that she was out of state. She was very kind, a good listener, and told me her story. She told me how she came to work with Lyme Disease and treat her daughter and husband. She spent an hour talking to me. My wife was fearful of starting homeopathic treatment. She had now lost 35 pounds. Our doctors, primary care, and psychologist both said, it couldn't hurt, and would in their opinion be safe to try. My wife did not agree  wholeheartedly. I being desperate to help her was strong on trying "something".

Krisztina explained the process she would use, and was hopeful the outcome would be positive.

We decided to enlist her help, and though reluctant, my wife did agree to start treatment. We took the first weeks of drops, to build my wife's system up. Then Krisztina introduced agents to fight the Lyme Bacteria. After 2 or 3 weeks, we began to notice improvement in my wife. Then we were sure of the improvement after a month. It continued to improve with each week. After 4 or 5 months, my wife now did not go back to bed after getting up, was cooking again, and after another month started driving again. Today, she has started driving on the highway again.

I am very thankful for Krisztina's help and patience. It has made a big difference in my life and my wife. 


- Glen Lebetkin, 62, Danbury, CT

“Hello, my name is Tim Mills. I'm really not sure just how long I've had Lyme disease. But after really looking back, I believe I have had it for at least 10 years. It wasn't until 4 years ago that things really started going terribly wrong. The relentless fatigue and joint pain has pretty much put a stop to my mountain biking days. All of my friends by now had gotten Lyme disease and their symptom have sounded a lot like mine. I was more than sure I had it. So I started going to doctor after doctor, and specialist after specialist. None of them had a clue!!! Some, wouldn't even run any tests and told me I was just getting old, or that it was my job, or that all the years I mountain biked was the cause of my chronic joint and muscle pain. I was grossly misdiagnosed over a 4 year period! By the time I found a doctor that had a clue, I was very sick. Pain and chronic fatigue so bad, I could hardly function at all. I stated taking all the antibiotics, and I did not like what it was doing to me! ( giving me leaky gut syndrome, making me feel even more fatigued, among other things)

 I had heard good things about Homeopathic medicine, and that it was the way to getting my health back, but like everyone else, I didn't know what or how much to take. Then, while attending one of the Lyme support group meetings, I had the pleasure of meeting Krisztina Powell. I honestly believe it was an answer to prayer! I haven't felt this good in years and I'm only on month 4 of the treatment.

 My sister started about 2 weeks after me a she is doing as well as I am. We both couldn't be happier with the way things are going.I will say though, that if you should decide to choose Homeopathic medicine, you must stick with the protocol, and be patient! It’s a slow but steady progress, but in the end it’s worth the wait. 

- Tim Mills, 60 Easton, PA

“I have suffered with Lyme disease for the past 27 years.  My first doctor prescribed doxycycline for my condition. After a few years of taking a few courses of doxy my symptoms worsened and the doxy did not alleviate any symptoms.

 A friend recommended a Lyme specialist who put me on a pic line of 90 infusions. Initially the pic line relieved some of my symptoms but after a few years they returned. I thought it might be necessary to go back on the pic line when I met Krisztina Powell.

   We were doing volunteer work at our children’s school when she noticed that I had trouble with simple tasks such as bending over and climbing stairs. She asked what my condition was and I explained to her that I had been dealing with Lyme disease for quite some time. After speaking to her a few times she asked if I would be willing to try her holistic treatment for Lyme disease.

  At first I was quite skeptical but I finally concluded that I would try it. She put me on a protocol, which consisted of a special diet along with some homeopathic and herbal supplements, which I diligently followed. After only 4-5 weeks I was beginning to feel relief. I took a short break and proceeded with the full Lyme treatment.

   At the end of that treatment I was elated by the results! I was able to bend over to tie my shoes and able to walk steps with ease. My knee had been swelling off and on and that completely subsided. My overall feeling of bad health also disappeared .

I am extremely grateful to Krisztina for her wonderful help!”



–Tom M., 65 , Pottstown PA


I have been working with Krisztina for a bit over a year wanting to address hormonal and energy issues.
A few months into working on various issues, my body revealed Lyme.I immediately started to begin the homeopathic Lyme protocol and began to notice subtle shifts in my energy and how I was feeling. 
The protocol is extremely gentle and Krisztina is always very conscious of fully supporting the body as it heals.
As my body healed from the Babesia protocol, it was ready for the Bartonella protocol.
With each protocol, I notice more subtle shifts in my energy, my mood, the spaces opening up in my body.
This system of healing resonates so strongly with me and Krisztina is incredibly gifted at listening to what is going on the body, testing and letting the body reveal what it is ready to work on next. She is always readily available to answer questions and concerns and adjusts protocols as needed to ensure that the body is supported.
I am so pleased with the progress so far and look forward to what will be uncovered and healed next!


-Annmarie Cantrell, 40 Glenmoore, PA

I started to take Krisztina's homeopathic medicines after a decade-long battle with acne. I had tried everything imaginable to treat my acne--over twenty topical creams, two different types of internal antibiotics, and at least five diets--nothing worked. I thought worsened as I got older, and as I hit 22 it was twice as bad as it had ever been. I was ready to give up and accept my fate. I was skeptical about homeopathic remedies because I figured if all of the strongest conventional medicine did nothing, what could homeopathic remedies do? When I first started the medicine I noticed no change but as time went on my acne got better and better. After several months of treatment my acne is very manageable, and seems to still be on the decline. I definitely recommend trying homeopathic remedies to treat acne. Krisztina is very helpful and knowledgeable about the remedies, and will help guide you  through the treatment program. It will take awhile to begin to notice a difference (for me it was several months), so have patience. During those months the remedies aren't just helping to prevent and deal with acne, though. They are jump-starting the organs in the body that haven't been functioning properly, which leads to a healthier body overall. They are also helping to drain out the heavy metals in the body that are in excess or causing problems (such as copper which causes acne). For this reason, it takes awhile to notice the change, but soon you should be much healthier and be acne-free!



- Alexis Bacon (22), Landsdale, PA


Krisztina has completely changed my approach to becoming healthy through her proven homeopathic techniques and hair analysis.  She always takes the time to listen completely to my concerns, questions and symptoms and recommends the best approach.  She also addresses a huge factor in regaining health which many practitioners (including naturopaths and homeopaths) do not do (and I have tried using many different practitioners) - she looks at the food that you put into your body and helps get your digestion back on track so that you can heal properly.  

Thanks for all that you do!

- Michele Clayton (40), Chestnut Hill PA

Prior to working with you, I suffered from high anxiety.  I had very little motivation or passion to do much of anything well.  Physically, I suffered from gastrointestinal issues, had difficulty sleeping and loss of appetite.  


I worked with several traditional health care providers, who were unable to help. I was told that I was fine and perhaps my symptoms were imagined.  Various alternative approaches did not provide me with any relief either.


Despite your approach being rather unconventional, I decided to take a chance. I got my hair test and it showed very high levels of copper as you predicted. You designed a program that included a new diet, lifestyle modifications and  a number of nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies. 


Within a few months, I began to notice significant improvements. My appetite was restored and my anxiety had greatly diminished.  A year later, I am only on a few supplements at low doses . My motivation and zest for life is back. I sleep much better. The old laid back and highly motivated guy is back.  Krisztina, I can't thank you enough!


- Robert Powell (46), Phoenixville, PA

I decided to try the hair analysis for my son, Reese (age 5) after a presentation Krisztina gave on the effect of toxicity on health. My son, Reese has had anxiety, difficulty focusing and behavioral issues since he was 3. 


Even though we maintain a very healthy diet, his test results showed elevated levels of toxic metals like manganese, aluminium, lead, cadmium, arsenic. I was very skeptical at first, but after a few months of taking only two vitamin supplements, Reese's temperament improved drastically. He became calmer, more responsive and able to cope with change and stressful situations better. I can't wait to see what Reese's future holds once his body is fully detoxified.


I'm thankful that Krisztina convinced me to stay on the nutritional balancing program for Reese even when I had my doubts.



- Charmaine Rusin, Bridgeport PA



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