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Are Toxic Chemicals affecting your Weight?


We all know that a healthy diet and exercise are important factors in staying lean. However, beyond these factors and genetics, there's one more component should be considered in  your health and weight management. It is the accumulation of toxic chemicals in your body. Toxic chemicals are clearly bad for our health. What is not as apparent, however, is that there's a connection between unexplained weight gain and exposure to toxins.


In many cases, consuming fewer calories and exercising more is simply not enough to curb weight gain. Why? You need to address the quality of the foods you eat, so as to avoid exposure to toxic chemicals used in the preservation of food such as pesticides and preservatives, as well as chemicals used in the processing of foods. Toxins in the environment also end up in our food, such as fruits and vegetables grown using non-organic methods. Sometimes the utensils that we use to cook and store food also contribute toxins.


In a recent article Sylvia Onusic, PhD in WAPF newsletter states:

“According to a study by the Environmental Working Groups, blood samples from newborns show exposure to over two hundred eighty-seven toxins, including mercury, fire retardants, pesticides and Teflon—exposure that occurs even before they are born. Of these, one hundred and eighty cause cancer in humans or animals; two hundred seventeen are toxic to the brain and nervous system; and two hundred and eight cause birth defects or abnormal development in animal tests.”


According to Dr. Schauss, toxins are "the very cornerstone of why the world is getting overweight." He says the heavy metals and toxins such as phthalates, bisphenol A, benzene, toulene and xylene have been shown to upset balance.


How does it upset balance?


  1. Lowers Body Temperature
    If toxins lower body temperature from 98.6 to 98 degrees, the resting metabolism would decrease by 7 percent. Using Dr. Schauss's example, that means during a single day 131 of the 1,875 calories attributable to the resting metabolic state would remain unburned. The result is a gain of 13.66 lbs in a year and 136 lbs in 10 years


  2. Causes Hormonal Imbalance
    Another way toxins foster obesity is by increasing estrogen and decreasing testosterone. An increase in estrogen can make it difficult to lose bodyfat, and a decrease in testosterone can decrease muscle mass, which will in turn lower metabolic rate (as mucsle is an active, calorie-burning tissue)


  3. Impairs the Endocrine System
    Toxins can also interfere with the body's ability to produce energy from carbohydrates and can affect the adrenal and thyroid glands which are responsible for the body's overall energy production.


As you can see, just putting the blame on bad carbohydrates or a sedentary lifestyle is only part of the story of weight gain.


How can I loose the unwanted weight?


So where are all these toxins setting up shop? Unfortunately, your fat cells are the perfect host. Your primary drainage pathway organs, your gut, liver and kidneys, lungs and the lymphatic system are all engaged in continually metabolizing, detoxifying and expelling these substances from the body. So it's essential to keep it working optimally.


With the help of the Zyto Scan and a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis we can identify the imbalances these toxins have caused in the body chemistry and can create a personalized nutrition plan to help you reach your ideal weight and restore balance in your health. 




"I would like to Thank Krisztina for changing my life for the better. Before meeting with Krisztina, I felt a lack of energy and a persistent unsettled feeling. She put me on a diet which I followed faithfully. The results have been amazing! I have transitioned to a much more energetic and settled state. My days feel much easier and much more enjoyable because I feel better and have healthier energy. We also added a homeopathic regimen which has been very helpful in boosting my energy and feeling of well being. For those of you looking to loose weight, I lost excess fat around my belly in 2 weeks of beginning the diet. All diets require self discipline but the results are well worth the effort. The results of following Krisztina's diet has been remarkably positive. Thank you, Krisztina!"

- Mike Ruhl, Phoenixville PA



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